Any screen, any magazine, anything we read, is made with type, and that’s the basis of any human expression, wheter is via text, email, newspaper, business card, or any form of communication that we use everyday.

We are an International Conference dedicated to Typography, Technology, & Design, based in Monterrey, México. Growing as an international networking hub, we connect Type enthusiasts with well established professionals in the Type Industry and share the knowledge through activities, talks, workshops, exhibitions, critiques, tours, and performances.

We believe that when people are together something magical happens, where you can talk to anyone you want and meet great and generous designers, willing to share their expertise, grab a drink, or hangout in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

Founded in 2015 by Type Designer & Engineer Santiago Orozco, it’s been growing every year, and now it’s a group of well established professionals that work with Typography, Tech, & Design, everyday:

Claire Lindsey
Ceci del Castillo Daza
Santiago Orozco
Miguel Reyes
Armando Pineda
Miguel Escamilla
José Luis Preciado

With our love for Type, we’re always looking to promote new and emerging designers that do amazing work, designers with passion and curiosity in solving problems in creative ways. We also bring experts in the various fields of typography to share their knowledge with our audience and with that, inspire the new generations of designers that love Type.

The world of design is a fast moving, every short period of time there’s someone somewhere doing interesting work, or developing a new app, or proposing something new, TMX is the place for those designers, the misfits, the ones who make and build things. TMX’s vision is to have a place for the ones who keep things moving forward, with new Type, Technology, and Design.